65 million No problem! Manchester City hope to buy Real Madrid vice-captain just waiting for release

Different clubs have different traditions, such as the English clubs like Manchester United, head coach position in the team is very high, the coach not only responsible for the team’s training and competition, but also the power to enact the team Transfers policy, decided to buy and sell players. And like many teams in the league, team coach in addition to a separate charge of managing director of football transfer transaction, in this team, the coach’s authority undoubtedly much smaller, such as Spanish giants Real Madrid, Last season the team had appeared emperor to abdicate President, then coach Jose Mourinho only class of case. Like a club like Real Madrid, the team captain is to have a very big influence and high status, and has power in some specific matters in the team. This season, things about Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas on the bench has sensation, for reasons in addition to considering athletics on, there are a number of “political factors” Casey last season, using his extraordinary influence at Real Madrid Real Madrid president Florentino force to force to make the dismissal madman Mourinho Real Madrid president decided to feel very uncomfortable. In addition to being captain Iker Casillas was suppressed, the vice-captain Ramos was recently broke with President Florentino also had a huge quarrel .In addition, when talking about cheap nike air max 90 2015, the AIR MAX Sports shoes can be found from this USA online site: uscheapestsportsshoes.com ! Well, let’s go on talking about latest sports news, soccer news.. It broke the news, Real Madrid president even suggested that as long as the team is willing to Ramos sixty-five million euros out of the price put Ramos go. Currently, Ramos’s salary at Real Madrid and not too high, even Cohen Bertrand and other fringe player’s contract have been put on the agenda when his contract still no news, which made him angry this reason, at the same time He and Casey in the team’s influence is the fear of Florentino. Premier League giants Manchester City has always been interested in for Ramos, shortly after the start of the season came to Manchester City intends to buy 40 million pounds of Ramos, but the awful transfer rumors over time there will be no further progress, allegedly, If the relationship between Ramos and senior before summer next year does not improve, then Manchester City will officially Wanted Real Madrid vice-captain in the summer of next year.

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